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The Traveler’s Manifesto

Whether you want to venture abroad for a month or a lifetime, it’s never been easier to pack your bags and go.

These are the rules to live by:

Rule #1: Don’t Buy Things

When you own nothing, you’re free to do anything. Start by selling your stuff. Definitely sell your car. A traveler can pack in ten minutes. We only own enough clothes for the seasons, and we never, ever pay for checked baggage.

Rule #2: Save Your Money

Without things you can live with less money. This makes it easier to save for travel and extend your time on the road. A traveler would rather enjoy coffee in Paris than pay for a monthly cable bill.

Rule #3: Negotiate

Travel has never been cheaper. A traveler always negotiates for the lowest rates, and is never afraid to find a creative place to crash for the night.

Rule #4: Hustle

A traveler learns to make money anywhere. Whether it’s teaching for cash in Kyiv, working as a ski instructor in New Zealand, professional freelancing, or writing a blog, there’s no reason to be stuck somewhere just for a paycheck.

Rule #5: Always Be Learning

Travel is more than going from Toledo to Tokyo. Travelers push well beyond their comfort zone, take risks, and pursue the life of their dreams. If you’re not learning you might as well go home.

Need an extra push towards your travel goals? Download a free, print-ready copy of the manifesto and pin it to your fridge, desk, or wherever you need some motivation.