How to Get to Saranda, Albania

When my friend Jay took a sea-view apartment on the Albanian coast I knew I had to visit, but I had no idea how to get to Saranda.

I was in Germany at the time, heading to Italy, with zero good options for a bus or train. But a $15 RyanAir flight got me from Naples to Thessaloniki, and from there I took a bus to the Greek border of Albania.

If you’re planning to visit Saranda, there are three primary ways to get here:

How to Get to Saranda from Corfu

By far the easiest way to get to Saranda is from the Greek Island of Corfu.

Because Corfu is a holiday destination, flights connect regularly with Western Europe through the spring, summer, and fall. I’ve seen direct flights from Corfu to cities like Munich and Paris for as low as $27.

From Corfu you will take the ferry to the international port at Saranda where you will pass through Albanian customs.

The terminal is in the city center and you can walk to most places. If your legs aren’t up for the challenge of Saranda’s steep hills, taxi drivers wait outside the terminal whenever ferries arrive.

The Flying Dolphin hydrofoil is the fastest connection, with the ride from Corfu to Saranda taking about 40 minutes.

Fares and schedules are seasonal, with service dropping to once per day during the winter off-season.

For more information, check Ionian Seaways.

How to Get to Saranda from Tirana

If Corfu doesn’t have a good flight connection, you will most likely arrive in Saranda from the bustling Albanian capitol of Tirana.

At six hours, it’s a haul, but prices are very reasonable.

Buses run every hour in either direction from early morning until late evening, and will drop you directly in the center of Saranda.

How to Get to Saranda from Thessaloniki

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