How to Get from Boryspil International Airport to Kyiv

Located 29 kilometers (18 miles) east of the city, many first-time visitors to Ukraine struggle to figure out how to get from Boryspil International Airport to Kyiv city center.

Ukraine’s capitol city isn’t quite as well integrated with the airport as many other European cities, but with the right information it’s easy to make the connection (Update: As of December 2018 there’s 24/7 express train service from Boryspil to Kyiv—see below).

Taxis can be hired from an official, curbside stand. Typical fare is about 14-16 euros.

Tell the attendant exactly where you’re going, and they’ll print a receipt. Don’t get into the cab without a receipt, or the driver may demand more than previously agreed.

Uber and Uklon are also readily available.

But who needs a private car when public transportation is much cheaper?

For the cost of a taxi ride I could cover two nights in a good hostel, so when I landed at Boryspil I was resolved to take public transit.

Public Transportation from Boryspil Airport to Kyiv

I arrived at Terminal D on Ukraine International Airlines, which is the new terminal where most international flights arrive.

The “Sky Bus” can be found to the right when you exit the main terminal doors and runs 24/7, with buses leaving every 15 minutes during the day and every 30-45 minutes at night.

But rather than take you all the way into the city, the Sky Bus connects to the Kyiv Metro System and from there you can access nearly any point in the city.

Boryspil Sky Bus to Kyiv

  1. From Boryspil Airport take the Sky Bus to the Kharkiv Metro Station. As of August 2018 a bus ticket is 45 Ukrainian Hryvna (about 1.50 euros) and can be purchased in cash from the driver.
  2. From the Kharkiv Metro Station, purchase a token (8 hryvna) and ride towards the city center.
  3. Connections can be made at various stations to other parts of the city. Metro routes are color coded, route maps are printed in English, and stop announcements are also made in English.

Returning to the airport is the same only in reverse.

Note that on the return trip you’ll need to catch the SkyBus on the opposite site of the street at Kharkiv Metro Station, heading in the direction of Boryspil. The station connects both sides of the busy street with an underground tunnel.

Express Airport Train to Kyiv City Center

Updated: 21 December, 2018

As of December there’s now an express train service running 24/7 between Boryspil International Airport and Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi central train station. Tickets can be bought at the airport or train station from self-service kiosks and cost 80 hryvna (about 2.50 euros or $3 USD).

From Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi you can connect via Metro to the rest of the city.

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