Dreaming of Winter in Merida, Mexico

Summer runs long in Albania, but with each day that passes winter is closing in.

As winters go, they’re mild here in Saranda. No snow. Plenty of sunny afternoons to go for a walk along the sea.

But the nights are getting cold. And it’s raining. A lot.

My thoughts are turning to Merida, my favorite city in Mexico.

It’s in Yucatan, the safest state in Mexico, and the weather is hot and tropical all year long. Winters are especially nice, when it rains less and cools off to a comfortable temperate in the evenings.

I’d found a really cheap connection to Cancun at the end of October. From Corfu (a short ferry ride from Saranda) I would fly to Munich and then on to Mexico. At just $220 dollars I was crazy not to go.

Something kept me in Europe.

I’m happy here.

But the shorter the days get the more I think about Mexico.

It’s my usual answer when people ask me about my favorite country, and I’ve made some great memories there.

Here’s why you should go:

  • It’s really safe. Coming from the US, I actually feel safer in Merida. My mom is going in December based on my recommendation. I wouldn’t tell my mom to go someplace that isn’t safe.
  • It’s warm all the time. In February I lost myself among the salsa clubs and beaches with two friends from Germany. Lots of warm nights dancing away in a t-shirt.

Where do you want to go?

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