Ricky FryHi, I’m Ricky Fry.

I’m a traveler, blogger, and author.

I’ve explored twenty-three countries (and counting) on less than $1,000 a month, and the few things I bring with me fit into a single carry-on bag.

Like most people, I followed a somewhat conventional career path and wound up on the never-ending cycle of earning and consumption.

Make money one day. Spend it the next. You know the story.

But everything changed when I realized I could travel abroad for a lot less money than I need to live in the United States.

Since making full-time travel my priority, I’ve eliminated monthly expenses, ditched my stuff, and built an income I can take anywhere.

Quick Facts

  • I was born in Missouri and grew up in Colorado. My family has a vineyard and makes wine.
  • I’ve worked such weird jobs as ski instructor, interior designer, and surgical coordinator for organ transplants.
  • My last name is English, like Fry’s Chocolates. Sadly, my family immigrated far too early for me to own a chocolate factory.
  • My favorite city is Kyiv and my favorite country is Mexico.
  • I speak rusty Spanish, passable Italian, and I’m attempting to learn Russian.
  • My current location is Albania (since September, 2018).

Where do you want to go?

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